Simple Tone Totke For Business Prosperity

Are you suffering from big losses in business? Does the payments don’t come on time? Is your business on the verge of closing? Do you feel discouraged and tired all the time? If so, we can help you to increase your business and prosper in the upcoming year. When done with proper shardha, these tone totke are helpful to get what you wish for, in this case it may be better business growth, successful career, and work prosperity. So if you too want to gain success in your endeavour, here are some totke that will help you.

Propitiate goddess Lakshmi every Friday by lighting 9 lamps of pure ghee at home altar. Next place the goddess photo in the front door. Read the Sri suktam mantra and you will be able to see the results soon.

If you have been trying to get employment for a long time but are failed at every attempt, try out this totka as it will surely help you to secure a good job. Cut a yellow coloured lemon in 4 equal parts. Take each piece and throw them in different directions – north, east, west and south at a 4 junction road for 11 days at a stretch. Make sure to do this every day to witness the result. You will surely get a job in good company.

If you are faced with a lot of problems in your professional life, soak black gram on Friday night and following day season it with mustard oil. Separate it into 3 parts and give 1/3rd part to a horse or buffalo, 1/3rd portion to a leper and take the remaining part in your hand and wave it around your head anti clockwise. Do this for 40 days to ward off the evil.

These were some simple totke that have been known to show proven result. So to get success in your career, choose one that suits your situation.

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