How To Do Vashikaran

Vashikaran through Food – The Art of Influencing Someone

Vashikaran, as the name suggests is the art of influencing a person in order to control their mind. This is a part of the Indian astrology and has been used since ages. Vashikaran mantra can be performed on a desired person and then the person under vashikaran will do as you please. It is easy to perform the vashikaran mantra with the help of number of things and different food material come under this category. If you are trying this mantra for the first time, you can visit our guru ji and he will make it easy for you to understand the vidhi.

Vashikaran with Honey:

Vashikaran with honey is one of the simplest ways to influence a person. While doing this pooja, honey is used and thus it is named so. This is a powerful remedy that helps a person to easily get control over a person’s mind. Honey is a sweet element and thus it makes it easy to control a person’s thought and mind.

Vashikaran with the help of Other Food Items

The process of vashikaran can also be performed over an individual with a number of other food items as well. While performing the process, you need to recite the mantra over a thing that can be easily mixed into the food. Next mix it with the food and give it to the desired person. After eating it, the person will be under your control and will be doing things according to your wishes.

The science of vashikaran has been known since a long time; however, till now it was only performed by experienced sadhus. But you can now perform the vashikaran vidhi at your home and control a person. However while performing the mantra or the pooja, it must be remembered that it only works if done with pure intentions. So make sure you are not doing this to harm anyone.

How To Use Vashikaran Totke at Home

Vashikaran through flower

Vashikaran through flower is one of the most powerful ways of doing the pooja. The smell of the flower makes it easy to control a person’s mind and thoughts and there is no reason that this vashikaran mantra will ever fail. First of all you need to attain sidhi over the mantra. After attaining control over the mantra, you can easily perform it and get your lost love back. This is also an extremely powerful mantra to help you get whatever you want in your life.

Vashikaran With Crow Feather

Performing the mantra over a crow feather is one of the most dangerous and destructive way to use the mantra. If you want to kill a person or want to take revenge, you can perform the mantra on crow’s feather and give it to your enemy and you can control them easily. However you are advised not to use this mantra over pretty issues and resolve them without any external power. However if you think that there is no other way around, then you can use this mantra.

Vashikaran With Hair

If you think that your girlfriend is not in your control or if you are not able to get love from her, you can perform the vashikaran pooja on her hairs and she will understand your love. However do not use this mantra to take revenge as under such condition, the mantra can back fire. While using these mantras for the first time, it is always advised to contact an astrologer for safe and secured use of the mantra. Contact us and we will help you solve your problems through vashikaran.

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