Destroy Negativity With Vastu Mantra

Vastu dosha means that your home often ends up attracting negative energy or destructive energies that disturb the peace of the place. There are a number of vastu dosna nivaran mantras to deal with this problem. We are astrology experts who have been in this field for many years. We will guide you through the problem and will help you know more about the mantra that is most appropriate for you. So read on to know more.

Tulsi mala is generally the rosary that is used to chant the various vastu dosha mantras. Different flowers that can be used include Peet Pusp, Peet Vastra and Peet Aasan. Kaal Purush or Vastu Purush is the main deity that people pray to while performing the pooja or while reciting the mantras. The head of the deity lies in an inverted position and his feet are present in the southwest direction.

Vastu Purusha Mantra

Also known as Vastu Vedic Mantra, recitation of this mantra helps in bringing peace and harmony in the house. This mantra is also known to remove the negativity present in the house.

Mantra in Hindi: || नमस्ते वास्तु पुरुषाय भूशय्या भिरत प्रभो | मद्गृहं धन धान्यादि समृद्धं कुरु सर्वदा ||

Mantra in English: || Namaste Vaastu Purushaay Bhooshayyaa Bhirat Prabho | Madgriham Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samriddham Kuru Sarvada ||

Dosha Nivaran Mantra

This mantra is used while performing pooja or haven for the benefit of home. Reciting this mantra helps in bring more positivity in the house while leads to less fights.

Mantra in Hindi: || ॐ वास्तोष्पते प्रति जानीद्यस्मान स्वावेशो अनमी वो भवान यत्वे महे प्रतितन्नो जुषस्व शन्नो भव द्विपदे शं चतुष्प्दे स्वाहा ||

Mantra in English: || Om Vaastoshpate Prati Jaanidyasmaan Swaawesho Anamee Vo Bhavaan Yatve Mahe Pratitanno Jushasva Sahnno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa||

Dosha Nivaran Mantra -2

Mantra in Hindi: || ॐ वास्तोष्पते शग्मया स र्ठ(ग्वग्) सदाते सक्षीम हिरण्यया गातु मन्धा । चहिक्षेम उतयोगे वरन्नो यूयं पातस्वस्तिभिः सदानः स्वाहा । अमि वहा वास्तोष्पते विश्वारूपाशया विशन् सखा सुशेव एधिन स्वाहा ||

Mantra in English: || Om Vaastoshpate Shagmayaa Sa Gvag Sadaate Saksheem Hiranyayaa Gaatu Mandhaa | Chahikshem Utayoge Varanno Yooyam Paatasvastibhiha Sadaanah Swaahaa ||

To know more about the mantra and their recitation, contact guru ji at the earliest.

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